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Just like in a football game, dating involves two teams. The team that win assures themselves a playoff berth in the process and denying one to the over-hyped, overblown or just miserable team.
Ever met a woman, had a great time dating, then called her later only to never hear back from her?
Teens are often clueless when it comes to building and maintaining healthy relationships (the only kind worth having). It's not their fault since no one is born with relationship smarts. As parents, it our responsibility to educate our tweens and teens about what is and is not appropriate behavior in the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Zone.
Dating tips are most important for your first date. For the reason that if the very first date doesn't go well the way you expected, probably you might not get another chance to date her again. By making your very first date enjoyable and pleasurable, you can make a big difference. You can possibly move into a higher level such as a long term relationship. Not from having a woman not returning your phone calls.
Women are generally obsessed with shoes. They can own dozens of pairs and still go shopping for more shoes in the shopping malls.
An article that explains 2 tips we can learn from the animal kingdom to help us in conflict resolution.
There are a few things which are better not told to the person you’re dating. That’s right, some things are best left unsaid! A few tips on which are the things best not to tell your date.
This article explains the top 2 problems in communication during a relationship.
Macho just will not cut it when it comes to on line dating. Flirting is an art that requires oozing confidence without being arrogant. Here's how to pull it off.
Some principles remain true down through the ages. Whether we cook over a fire or push a button on the microwave, the power of relationships is one of those principles. When fully understood, creating effective relationships will open unimaginable doors for you.