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Having a site for the pet items: designer or food or necessities; is a good idea. However, setting it up is one thing, and maintaining plus marketing is another thing. Besides, searching and shopping online are two different aspects. Online buying involves more risks and hassles than browsing, in terms of security. Hence, having a site with a shopping cart wherein potential customers browse and purchase requires proper planning and setup.
Most dogs seem to have the begging habit where they beg for attention, love and food and continue to do so until they are taught not to beg. Some owners find this behavior cute while others blow up easily whenever the dog begs and especially when they can see and smell delicious food.
Having your dog focus on you is imperative for proper and successful training; for it implies obedience and concentration. It ensures that it is following every action and word of yours and shall learn faster and better. Despite the fact that every dog has a name, calling out their names is hardly effective as people use them only when the dog is out of ear shot or is doing something wrong.