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Learn how to handle different situations with your teens effectively using this one amazing technique.
Every successful marriage has a number of factors in common. When it comes to raising children, there is one primary factor - the United Parental Front. While you may worry that setting strict rules of conduct in your family may distance you from your children, studies prove you are worrying needlessly.
What do children really need besides food, shelter and protection? Have you ever wondered what your responsibility is to ensure that your child will grow up to be a contributing member of society? As a mom, foster mom and grandmother as well as a family educator and relationship coach, I have learned a few things about what children really need. Surprise, it is not the latest toy or name brand clothing.
As much as we may not want to admit it; there truly is a little devil in all children. It does not matter how cute we think they may be at the time they are acting up because a child's unacceptable behavior can get out of hand very quickly when it is ignored and not addressed immediately.
My father use to wait to discipline me sometimes. This was more effective than you know because I had to wait in anticipation for the discipline that was to come. The wait was more difficult than receiving the punishment itself. I did not understand then that disciplining his son was also hard for my father. What father enjoys disciplining his son. None that love him.
There is a debate on corporeal punishment for children. Some who use corporeal punishment go overboard. At the other extreme, there are parents who fail to discipline their children at all. The main point of today's Proverb is ‘not to hold back discipline'.
If your parenting methods include abuse of any kind; physical, sexual, emotional or verbal, please get help to stop as soon as possible. Adults are supposed to safeguard and protect the young among us. You may be repeating patterns learned in your family of origin or not know any other methods of parenting.
What's the one trait that almost every highly successful person you know exhibits? Your immediate reaction might be "personality" or "intelligence." But, in reality, it is...