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Should you not share your BHAKTE[devotion] with anyone else?
JOB DESCRIPTION: Prepare hardware and software manuals; translate technical information into understandable language. EARNINGS: $24,000 to $65,000+. RECOMMENDED EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Bachelor's degree in computer science, liberal arts, communications, or English. SKILLS AND PERSONALITY TRAITS: Writing skills; knowledge of computers; ability to work under pressure. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Writing experience is necessary.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Sell computers and related hardware and software; answer technical questions; demonstrate products. EARNINGS: $15,000 to $45,000. RECOMMENDED EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Education and training vary. SKILLS AND PERSONALITY TRAITS: Sales ability; good communication skills; complete knowledge of product; dependability. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Computer experience necessary; sales experience helpful.
JOB DESCRIPTION:CAD Specialist use computers to design and draft plans, blueprints, etc.; prepare technical illustrations. EARNINGS: $24,000 to $65,000+. SKILLs: Drafting skills; design skills; computer skills. QUALIFICATIONS: Experience requirements vary.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Process text; prepare and type letters, envelopes, and reports; format documents. EARNINGS: $6.00 to $30.00+ hourly. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Proficiency in word processing.