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What are the different dimensions of the human resources? What are its quantitative, qualitative and other aspects. Read the article to find out.
What could be the objections to the model of the balance of the economic landscape propounded by Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee? Read the article to find out.
What are the types of the economic landscapes? What is the Idealized perfectly balanced pentagonal model? What is the realistic isostasically balanced amorphous model? Read the article to find out.
What is the nature and scope of the economic geography? What are its temporal and spatial aspects? What is the Universal Integrated Cubical Temporal – Spatial – Applicability Scope model of the economic geography? Read the article to find out in an entirely new and refreshing creative approach.
What is the formula of the sustainable development? What are Concepts of the short term and the long term highest possible sustainable development? What is the formula of the depletion or the resource-availability on a particular given point of the time in the future? Read the article to find out.
Afraid the recession is here to stay a bit longer? If so, you’re not alone. Economists and Futurists are all over the map predicting doom and gloom on one-hand and recovery and good times on the other.What should you do to make this your best year ever? There are new rules for profiting in a slowly recovering economy -- a new economy in which your people are buried in information every day, budgets are tight, and people are more skeptical than ever. This article tells you how to begin your personal plan.
What is the relationship amongst the economic globalization, the economic liberalization and the economic privatization? Read the article to find out.
Is the phenomenon of the Globalization a recent one? No, one can see clearly the five stages present in the history of the Globalization.
What are the four important stages in the process of the globalization?
The Lend Lease Act points to many problems related to Free Trade and the Economic Crisis. It is a key to understanding what is behind the global economic crisis