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What is the importance of the balance of the economic landscape? Read the article to find out.
What is the relationship amongst the economic globalization, the economic liberalization and the economic privatization? Read the article to find out.
What is the concept of the globalization? What do we mean by the physical and non-physical/human globalization? What are the forces affecting the globalization? Read the article to find out.
The concept of the Globalization involves both the physical aspect and the non physical aspect. It is caused by the internal and external forces.
Is the phenomenon of the Globalization a recent one? No, one can see clearly the five stages present in the history of the Globalization.
The Lend Lease Act points to many problems related to Free Trade and the Economic Crisis. It is a key to understanding what is behind the global economic crisis
Since the end of last century we are seeing global changes never seen in recent or old history. The iron wall collapsing and the Soviet Union breaking in pieces are unique events in history because never a large empire disappeared so smoothly. Coupled with what we saw in China, moving from communism to capitalism. Never thought!
The point is that we are in an economical downturn were the end is not foreseen until now.Small and Medium Business (SMB) have, and always had, a special role in regional economies and employment, to accelerate the turnaround of this international crisis, it is a key issue to leverage globalization and entrepreneurship SMBs and start-ups.
The First Era of Globalization was a period characterized by rapid growth in international trade and investment between the European powers, their colonies, and, the United States. It was in this period that areas of sub-saharan Africa and the Island Pacific were incorporated into the world system.