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Goshen’s Thai meatballs are a wonderful appetizer that is wonderful for a game day snack or an appetizer to an elegant meal. The Thai meatballs can be made with lean ground pork or beef. Goshen’s Thai meatballs are also served with a savory peanut sauce. This wonderful appetizer or snack is best garnished with cilantro sprigs. Goshen’s Thai meatballs are a wonderfully unique appetizer that will impress friends and family.
Goshen’s dry-fried beef is tasty meal that is a Szechuan specialty. This meal is shredded steak slowly cooked until dry. Goshen’s dry-fried beef is a satisfying meal with an appetizingly unique flavor.
Goshen’s Spinach and Garlic is an easy vegetarian dish that will make a spinach lover out of anyone. This dish is a nice one to impress the vegetarian in your life. Goshen’s spinach and garlic is topped with sesame seeds to add a wonderful crunchy texture to this vegetarian dish. This dish is a really fast vegetarian meal that will impress.
Goshen’s bok choy is a wonderful vegetarian dish that is a good main dish or side for seafood lovers. This dish is uses light soy sauce or is also nice with a hoisin sauce.
Goshen’s spicy vegetables are a wonderful vegetarian meal for two. This dish can also be a wonderful vegetarian appetizer for up to four people. Goshen’s spicy vegetables have a wonderful mix of vegetables in coconut milk.
Goshen’s mushroom stir-fry is a tasty vegetarian meal that will leave mushroom lovers out there wanting more and more. This dish can use any mushroom you like, shiitake mushrooms, “my favorite.” Goshen’s mushroom stir-fry is a wonderful dish for the mushroom lover in your life.
Goshen’s cabbage salad is a delicious way of enjoying cabbage. It is a nice way to start a meal or a nice vegetarian meal. Goshen’s cabbage salad also has its own homemade dressing.
Goshen’s cashew chicken is a nice chicken dish that is good for friends and family. This dish is contains a wonderful blend of red peppers, garlic, and scallions.
Goshen’s shrimp and paneer is a good seafood dish with an Indian twist. Paneer is an Indian cheese that is non-aged cheese that adds an exotic twist to a seafood meal. Goshen’s shrimp and paneer uses paneer as a nice red meat substitute for a lighter meal.
If you are looking for a good lamb recipe Goshen’s glazed lamb is a nice alternative to the average lamb dish. Goshen’s glazed lamb mixes the flavors of honey and lemon to make a classic stir-fry that will leave you and your friends breathless.