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Persistence is the key to reclaiming PPI money. Most customers who were mis-sold payment protection insurance will need to write at least 3 letters to get their money back. The effort and stamps are well worth it, because payments can mount up into the thousand of pounds. If approached by a claims management company that offers to get the money back, keep in mind that they will keep part of the money. Making a claim is simple, and most people can do it themselves.
Complete details about how to buy cheap auto insurance for your vehicle?
General liability insurance helps to protect businesses and business owners from financial ruin. Many lawsuits are an end result of accidents that occur while a person is visiting a business property, or while using the products of the business. General liability insurance can help tremendously in these cases. Here are 5 key things to remember when considering whether or not your business needs general liability insurance.
To absolve America of the burden the poor and uninsured place on the masses while improving the national situation and making good use of the same useless souls.
News Flash! Life insurance is a traditional asset that can now be purchased or sold like any other personal property, much like a house, car, antiques, old painting or stocks and bonds. Therefore, insurance policies can be sold like any of your other personal property item. However, most people do not know they can sell their policies.
With workplace safety playing such an important role in increasing productivity, reducing turnover, and reducing workers’ compensation insurance costs, companies are flocking to implement new safety programs. With a plethora of training and information available from insurance companies, consultants, and trade associations, why are some companies succeeding in creating a safety culture and some are not?
Like it or not, you pay for injuries. The insurance companies just finances them. In fact, on less severe claim, you will pay them back through an increase in premium 100% up to over 250%! They simply cover the initial costs of the claim so it’s impact on your company is not all at once. The total incurred cost of the claim, total paid & total reserves, are then included in the calculation of your experience mod, which will increase or decrease based up on the costs & type of the claims.
It has been estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per WEEK in direct costs related to workers’ compensation. What’s even more astounding a great cause of concern is according to the National Safety Council, the indirect costs surpass the $1 billion to a tune of $4 billion per week! Is this really the time to cut the safety budget?
Believe it or not, all of you employers are the biggest resistor of all. Why is that? Studies have shown that a properly developed and implemented return to work process, which includes transitional duty positions, can have dramatic benefits such as decreased employee rehabilitation time and state specific claim cost reductions.
Getting good car insurance is very important, not to mention, getting the right type of coverage, and the right amount. Here are some tips on how to choose the auto insurance coverage that is right for you.