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I talk about the importance of excellent service in a personal training business and how this is the foundation of sound marketing
As information technology has changed the face of the job market in India and across the globe,number of job opportunity in the IT sector has risen to an amazing rate. useless to say, globalization and technological spread has created a huge impact on the Indian job market.
Today’s more sophisticated email systems often look for certain characteristics in email text and in any email attachments. Unfortunately, things like words or graphics that may be perfectly appropriate in some cases can cause spam filters to stop your email, thus rendering your resume “never received”.
Jobs market in India was never so lucrative like before. The robust recovery in the economy with high GDP growth is a great encouraging factor for the organizations to recruit new employees. Every month thousands of new jobs are added in the organized sector.
When kids get into high school, they often want money to buy some of the things they want and also to start gaining valuable work experience. Here are some tips for finding a job for high school students.
Recently, I received a webinar description about "fresh stategies to increase cold calling success." The author, Jill Konrath, has written a book called Snap Selling. The strategies definitely apply to a creative and successful job search.
Computer Trainer train individuals to use computers and/or software; develop curriculum; answer questions. EARNINGS: $20 to $150+ per hour; $20,000 to $45,000+ annually. SKILLS: Teaching ability; technical skill and proficiency in computers; interpersonal skills; organization; communication skills. QUALIFICATIONS: Experience using computers and software necessary.
Even though about 80% of all jobs are found through networking, developing a professional network is not about looking for a job. It’s about creating professional resources for information, referrals, expertise and collaboration that last well beyond your current job search.
Twenty-five centuries ago, Ancient Greek Hippocrates identified four personality types. These personalities can help you to make effective career decisions.
Intuition, highly prized in Eastern cultures, is often undermined in Western culture by "rational, logical" decision making methodologies. Intuition, by contrast, can serve as one of the most accurate decision making tools in choosing a career or job.