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JOB DESCRIPTION: Computer Programmer write instructions for a computer to follow; test new programs; write user's manuals. EARNINGS: $20,000 to $60,000+. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Requirements vary; credentialing is available.
The University of Chicago recently published a survey of the happiest and unhappiest jobs.
What’s different about getting a job in 2010? Get ready for new industries, new focus and new opportunities coming at you. Here’s how...
Applying for lots of jobs is just a waste of time! It's better to apply for a job that you are most qualified for rather than to just apply for everything you can find.
How to be a Job Search Champion and What Obama, Pitt, and Goodell have to do with Job Search.
If you have ever felt those demonic thoughts that swirl in our inner sanctum and resist giving way to the one thing that humans patently avoid.....changing their comfort zone? That is your risk zone.
Cap & Trade will be a crushing blow to America as we know it. This will have a negative impact on jobs. This is not conjecture; it is fact.
Tips for how to find work by assessing skills, entrepreneurship.
A resume is nothing more than a tool to reject your application. The more professional your resume and cover letter, the more likely you will advance to stage two and an interview.
As everybody knows about the global economic crises in all over the World. Many Major Technology based giants are cutting their jobs due to global crises.