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If you are like most parents, grandparents, teachers today, you probably think that children are watching way too much television today. Not only are they sitting on their rear ends inside, when you can get them outside, they are playing video games on their cell-phones or other electronics. So, not only are they not getting sufficient exercises and breathing clean air, they are also becoming more and more isolated from each other and the family.
Your intention is to motivate a child or employee to do better. You are clear in your mind what you want to achieve and the behavior that you want changed. You expect to be listened to and obeyed! You are right and they are wrong. Someday, they will be grateful that you cared enough to show them what they were doing incorrectly. The only "right way" is "my way."
Character is the set of qualities that make somebody distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality and moral fiber.
Do you wish you knew what your child was thinking about you as a parent? Are you struggling with your confidence as a parent? Do you sometimes feel like you are not doing enough to help your child become a responsible member of society?
Encouragement is the process of focusing on your children's assets and strengths in order to build their self-confidence and feelings of worth.
If your bills and expenses equals more than your income, you are headed for trouble and must take steps immediately to get back on track. There must be enough coming in your household to cover what is going out in expenses. If there is a big difference between the two, then you may be headed for trouble. The sooner you can find solutions as a family, the faster you can be in a position to balance your budget.
Human beings have the longest dependency on others than any other living creature. We spend our lives in relationships, either toxic or nurturing. If the family of origin was not supportive and loving, we either repeat that pattern or look for other mentors and teachers.