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Mark-to-the-Market was a practice originally begun by futures and commodity traders in the 19th century. Essentially, mark-to-the-market means your holdings must be "priced" every night...at the price they can be sold at.
The Obama Administration has still not come up with a plan to remove troubled assets from the balance sheets at banks. Therefore, their solution appears to be "semi-nationalization," as evidenced recently when the US Government and Citigroup agreed to convert the preferred shares held by the government into common shares.
Throwing good money after bad into these banks is not the answer. Now, I don't like changing the rules in the middle of the game. But I still believe the almost-immediate fix for this entire mess is suspending "mark to the market" regulations.
Suppose a house on your street went into foreclosure. Previously, that home — and every other home on the street had a value of $600,000. But the foreclosed property went through a sheriff's sale and was sold for $250,000. Does it mean every home on the street must suffer the same price cut?