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The Obama Administration enacted new fuel regulations in August of 2010, see how the regulations will effect logistics management.
President Obama, speaking at the Northern Michigan University, said that the administration is planning to connect 98 percent of the country through internet within the coming five years.
Three words that carry a lot of weight. Redistribution of wealth. While it's an important component of our country's view on taxation, it should not be used like a political club to create social justice.
Are we really currently witnessing a slow but sure forward movement by the World-Peace?
Gen. Stanley McChrystal just resigned, or was sacked, for a now infamous magazine interview he gave. His removal is good rhetoric, and photo op. But, it does not address the real issues.
To understand fully the ramifications of the American president Obama's recent surprise peace visit to Kabul, it is first essential to understand the positions of the 6 key players involved in the current Afghan conundrum: the USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, India and the Taliban.
A child becomes tomorrow what he is today. We can observe a child and foretell that what a person is he going to be in future. But that requires right kind of environment and upbringing.
An idealist,a realist or a pure pragmatic personality? How do you perceive the current USA President - Barack Hussein Obama?
Small businesses' active environmental work can have great impact to your business. Small business owners must ensure to developing services & products that are in line with today's & tomorrow's environmentally driven markets and in reducing environmental impact. ___________________
President Obama must think wisely before making the final judgement on Iran. The case for the War may have valid arguments, but not enough for a War, much less, Economic Sanctions.