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Native kingdoms RPG is very similar to Renaissance Kingdoms RPG except that it takes place in the Aztec culture instead of England. This is a free online RPG with premium pay account options.
Renaissance Kingdoms RPG is a very in depth free online RPG. This RPG does not require any download to play. Renaissance Kingdoms RPG is free however also offers premium pay accounts. This does not mean that you cannot have a fun time and compete with the pay accounts.
Grepolis RPG is a free online strategy game designed by the same people who gave us Tribal Wars, and the West RPG. This game is a free exciting way to control a small Greek village and build yourself an empire.
FreeSky Online is a fun free online strategy game. There is no download required to play the game and there are many realms to play on. FreeSky Online is a strategy game that requires only a little time each day to play and is good for causal and hardcore gamers alike.
EVONY is a free online strategy that is fun and easy to play. It does have options to “pay” for game credits and the like and it is not required to play the game and do well.
The Apocalypse online free RPG is a free online adventure that takes you through the apocalyptic future of earth. The online RPG is free to download and play.
Urban dead free online RPG is a game based around the zombie apocalypse. The game is free to play and requires no downloads. Urban dead free online RPG is browser based game so it can be free
The mech crusaders free online RPG is a robot dueling strategy game. Mech crusaders free online RPG is a browser based game. It is free and does not require any downloads.
Eternal wars free RPG is fantasy RPG that has a lot of freedom. The game is almost strictly text based. Eternal wars free RPG does have different maps for each city. A player can even make their own city and army.
Travian free online game is a browser based strategy game. This game is an MMO or massive multiplayer online game that offers a time based strategy game. Travian free online game is a strategy game set in the times of a fantasy Roman era.