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Peace of mind and soul are rare commodities in today’s stressful world. AromaWorks bring to you the finest luxury candles with the finest natural ingredients.
Since inception in 1997, Polygel has grown from a single location & single product cable gel manufacturer to a multi-product, multi-market & widely spread corporation. Today Polygel product portfolio comprises of Specialty Chemicals, Adhesives & Sealants, Paints & Textures, Construction Chemicals, Putties & Plasters and other products used in various industries like construction, infrastructure, furniture, footwear, automobiles, surface coatings, etc.
Polygel Specialities is a division of Polygel Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing Organic Titanates under the brand name PUREti.
Want to be in the forefront of the mat service business? Start collaborating with suppliers that provides your business with Ecological Entrance Mats - A greener & more environmentally friendly alternatives for the more environmentally aware customers. ______________________
The reason world is changing to be that inorganic cotton crop and especially auxiliaries used of low grade in processing is harmful to human skin.