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What is the nature and scope of the political geography? What are its temporal and spatial aspects? What is the Universal Integrated Cubical Temporal – Spatial – Applicability Scope model of the political geography? Read the article to find out in an entirely new and refreshing creative approach.
Pakistani Americans are among the most educated minority communities in the United States. However, that has not reflected in the political representation in the United States. While the Indian Americans have seen the rise of Governor Bobby Jindal and the rise of other Indian Americans in political representation.
These are interesting times in terms of politics in Pakistan. Right now, there is plenty of uncertainty in regards to who will be the next Prime Minister, President, or if there will be midterm elections or whether the current PPP lead coalition government will survive the full five year term. In Pakistan, the need is clear for new leadership to emerge. Will it will be former President Pervez Musharraf or Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan? One thing is certain, Change is Imminent.
The political boundary can be viewed variously. It can be viewed as the Cyclonic or the Anti-cyclonic, the Perennial or the Seasonal one.
Is the phenomenon of the Globalization a recent one? No, one can see clearly the five stages present in the history of the Globalization.
Pakistan's Long March has only shown one thing, the need for new leadership in Pakistan. However, the only way we will learn that it will be successful or not is when the Judicial Institution is looked upon with equal respect from the other branches of government. The Long March has shown the Power of Nawaz Sharif, but it should show the never ending inspiration of Father Jinnah.