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These are interesting times in terms of politics in Pakistan. Right now, there is plenty of uncertainty in regards to who will be the next Prime Minister, President, or if there will be midterm elections or whether the current PPP lead coalition government will survive the full five year term. In Pakistan, the need is clear for new leadership to emerge. Will it will be former President Pervez Musharraf or Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan? One thing is certain, Change is Imminent.
An idealist,a realist or a pure pragmatic personality? How do you perceive the current USA President - Barack Hussein Obama?
President Obama must think wisely before making the final judgement on Iran. The case for the War may have valid arguments, but not enough for a War, much less, Economic Sanctions.
Can you Bypass Taliban Insurgents and just take the fight to AL Qaeda
Can the newest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize walk in the same shoes with some of the greatest
Headline President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize,What does this mean in Afghanistan
How will history treat This president
Time is needed to evaluate more troops in afghanistan
Is there a similarity between Afghanistan and Vietnam,
For many, the honorary late Senator Edward Kennedy is remembered for his legacy, for the policies he fought for, for the family he had, and for the lives he impacted. For me, I remember Senator Edward Kennedy as the Senator that Endorsed the Then-Senator Barack Obama for a U.S. Presidential Run.