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For any counter insurgency operation, public support is an important and fundamental element. Without the public on board insurgents cannot be defeated. Pursuance of existing contradictory strategies, Pakistan and United States has lost crucial public support in ongoing global war on terror in the region.(Pakistan and Afghanistan)
How will history treat This president
It is time to stop being envious of the personal lifes of Pakistan's Political leaders. It is time to become a tolerant Pakistan. A tolerant Pakistan must look past a public figure's personal life, but as long as their personal life does not affect public policy. It is time for Pakistanis to criticize the politics of public administration, rather than criticize them for who they are dating.
Quit Smoking - New Dissolvable Tobacco - Sticks, Orbs and Strips. Is it easy to quit smoking? Moreover, tobacco industry is now starting to market new dissolvable nicotine products.
A look at public perception shaped by the news media