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There is an area of passion, purpose, and power called, “The God Spot” in the spiritual nature of every woman. It is far more intense and satisfying than the G-spot in your body. Knowing the God Spot in your heart is vital to the enjoyment of love and fulfillment of purpose that God designed you for.
God gave everyone a specific set of talents and abilities, don't waste them or they may just end up being taken away
Pakistan's Long March represents more than a movement, it represents hopes for a stronger judiciary and the quest to stop Pakistan from becoming a failed state. But Pakistanis must stand together to stop the terrorism and put emotions aside. The Long March may have started on March 12th, 2009, but it will not end until the Judicial Branch of Pakistan is respected.
Finding true happiness is a task that eludes a lot of people. Some are happy one day and down the next. Others feel happy when they’ve achieved a particular goal. Then there are those who never seem happy regardless of what goes in their lives.