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Configure Routing and Remote Access User Authentication: Configure Remote Access Authentication Protocols As you may recall, I earlier said that there are two conditions under which you can configure user accounts to control access through remote access policies. One is when the account used for access is local to the network access server, and the other is when the domain account is part of a domain in the proper functional level. When a domain is in mixed mode, meaning domain controllers from NT4,
Troubleshoot Routing and Remote Access Routing Troubleshoot Demand-dial Routing As mentioned before, the dial-up method is the good old stand by. Typically, you will either use a POTS (plain old telephone service)/PSTN (public switched telephone service) modem or an ISDN adapter for point-to-point dial-up connections. This is the same method you use if you connect to the Internet using a modem and, depending on the DSL service, can be the method used there as well