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Since inception in 1997, Polygel has grown from a single location & single product cable gel manufacturer to a multi-product, multi-market & widely spread corporation. Today Polygel product portfolio comprises of Specialty Chemicals, Adhesives & Sealants, Paints & Textures, Construction Chemicals, Putties & Plasters and other products used in various industries like construction, infrastructure, furniture, footwear, automobiles, surface coatings, etc.
PUREti, manufactured by Polygel Specialties from India is a leading range of additives for high performance industrial metal coatings. Polygel is committed to provide producers and developers of industrial coatings with a complete range of high quality products, cutting edge technology, good service and competitive prices. Polygel offers the most comprehensive product range of environmentally friendly titanates adhesion promoters and cross-linkers to the global coatings industry.