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Florida custom extrusion is some of the most complex and beautiful work in the plastic industry that I've seen in a long time. It is not so common that businesses can trust their plastic suppliers these days, but this is not the case with Florida.
Our country within the last ten years finally decided to become more eco-conscious. With most of our citizens taking their time recycling more often, not taking part in littering of any sort, and thinking of easier biodegradable packaging for their product we’ve just started a long journey to recovery.
You may be familiar with the term PVC, especially in relation to things like construction, the most common form being PVC pipes. But, do you know anything else about the material, or how much is made and how much we've come to rely on it?
With having a strong second opening of a plastic manufacturing business that has been my side project for quite some time, I plan to spread the word to not only make my business profit but to rid the world of harmful processes and supply a “greener” alternative.