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Configure Routing and Remote Access User Authentication: Configure Remote Access Authentication Protocols As you may recall, I earlier said that there are two conditions under which you can configure user accounts to control access through remote access policies. One is when the account used for access is local to the network access server, and the other is when the domain account is part of a domain in the proper functional level. When a domain is in mixed mode, meaning domain controllers from NT4,
Managing Routing and Remote Access: Introduction:In this section, we are going to explore RRAS, the Routing and Remote Access Service. RRAS is most commonly used as a remote access service (the RAS part), whether that is dial-up or VPN. What is often overlooked, however, is the routing functionality that Microsoft has included with the service.
Configure and Manage Remote Access Now that we have explored the routing side of RRAS, lets dig in to the more commonly used aspect-providing network access to remote users or remote networks. As you know, in any network environment, there are users who use computers directly connected to the LAN or Local Area Network