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Goshen’s Thai meatballs are a wonderful appetizer that is wonderful for a game day snack or an appetizer to an elegant meal. The Thai meatballs can be made with lean ground pork or beef. Goshen’s Thai meatballs are also served with a savory peanut sauce. This wonderful appetizer or snack is best garnished with cilantro sprigs. Goshen’s Thai meatballs are a wonderfully unique appetizer that will impress friends and family.
Goshen’s spicy vegetables are a wonderful vegetarian meal for two. This dish can also be a wonderful vegetarian appetizer for up to four people. Goshen’s spicy vegetables have a wonderful mix of vegetables in coconut milk.
Goshen’s shrimp toasty’s are a nice appetizer or light lunch that will have your taste buds satisfied. This seafood favorite is a nice way to impress that special someone or friends and family.
Goshen’s pork dumplings are a good first course or appetizer to any meal. This version of Goshen’s pork dumplings is boiled and then prepared in a shallow fry. The pork dumplings are also good steamed or poached in and can be made in large quantities for a full meal.
Goshen’s fish and cilantro soup is a nice warm dish for any occasion. It is a nice blend of flounder(or any white fish) and cilantro that will have your mouth watering.