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Goshen’s chicken enchiladas are a wonderful south of the boarder treat. This wonderful chicken dish will bring you a wonderful taste of Mexico without the having to leave your home.
Goshen’s stuffed bell peppers are an appetizingly unique meal. The green peppers are stuffed with pork and other spices for a tasty meal. Goshen’s stuffed bell peppers can also be modified with chicken, or beef for people who do not like pork. Goshen’s stuffed bell peppers also have a delicious homemade sauce to pour over the stuffed bell peppers.
Goshen’s cashew chicken is a nice chicken dish that is good for friends and family. This dish is contains a wonderful blend of red peppers, garlic, and scallions.
Goshen's gone south of the border for vacation and come back with a nice new recipe for a fun siesta.
Goshen's honey chicken wings are fried they way chicken wings should be. This recipe calls 12 chicken wings. For Goshen's honey chicken wings marinating is the key for a juicy southern family treat.