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Clothing does send a message. But there’s an enormous side benefit to a well-groomed appearance and general sense of “dressing up” — it gives you a lift. One of the greatest advocates of this philosophy is my friend Bill Shaddy. As former Senior Director of International Personnel Operations at Pepsi, Bill knows “the right stuff” when it comes to stocking his closet. These days, however, things are a little more complicated. Bill, I should explain, has been living with MS for the last 18 years
Most consumers participate in recycling newspapers and aluminum cans. They also know to return used car batteries for recycling and also old electronic equipment such as cell phones, printers, and computers. Another kind of recycling is called textile recycling, and it is a valuable part of sustainable living.
I'll be blunt ladies. I don't know many guys who would be interested in settling down with an old woman, let alone one with ugly kind of 'baggage'. It's hard enough parking our men roving eye at the best of times women.
High End Fashion Designer and Founder of one of the major Designer Label in USA, shares the importance of right dressing as a main marketing tool to your success.
High End Fashion Designer and Stylist shares the idea on how to create Chic Look, dress in Designer Clothes with a limited budget.
Fashion Designer and Stylist reveals the Fashion tips on how to get you feel relax and in comfort, yet look Chic and Fabulous on The Weekend.
How to find and buy well made clothes that saves you money in the long run.
High End Fashion Designer shares the idea behind of real success of most stunning looking Women. It is Your Lengerie!