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World-renowned colour authority Pantone Inc. has just declared Honeysuckle Pink colour of the year for 2011. Described as “a brave new colour for a brave new world,” watch for this vibrant, blushing pink to make its mark on everything from fashion and makeup to interior design.
Nowadays many computers support high-resolution video systems. You can adjust the number of colors and resolution for your display by clicking the settings tab on the display properties dialog box.
Most women will not leave their house without some sort of make-up on. On the other hand, some women do not know the first thing when it comes to make-up and are intimidated by the many colors, styles, brands, and types of make-up that are out there today. This should help.
Colors we see affect us just as much as colors we wear and causes a reaction from people we meet. It reflects our individual personalities, desires and moods.
The psychological affects of color on humans has been the topic of many conversations and subject of much study for centuries. However, it has only been during the last couple of decades research has been done on the actual physical effect color has on all of us.