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We are often somewhat tensed about a date. This makes us look less confident than we actually are. We might stumble with words and fumble generally.
Small talk is an art.It builds rapport and often leads to bigger things, like friendship and new jobs. Those little conversations probably have more impact than any other. While some seem to be born with this gift, it can be developed by practicing. Here are the ten secrets of small talk
Truth is about actions as well as words but most people think it means something else -- risking your future. That's why I never compliment someone unless I really mean it...
"Did you hear what I said?" "Are you listening to me?" "Why do I have to repeat myself 100 times?" If you are tired of trying to communicate with a child who seems to be hard of hearing when we speak, perhaps there are some reasons. We talk too much We talk too loud Every conversation is a criticism We don't listen when they speak They have trained us to nag Let's examine these Listening Lessons and see what we can improve.