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The ability of digital techno-thieves to steal your social security number for the purposes of accessing your financial, medical and personal information has increased by the nano-second. Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in America; as fast as security systems work to prevent techno-thieves from stealing, hackers are working just as fast to break those security codes.
There is too much "bemoaning" about crime and punishment, and not enough action.
Article summarizes the proper law regarding the search of an automobile by Craig Cunninggham Attorney a law.
The only way to bring clarity to assisted suicide is to repeal the Suicide Act.
Perverse verdicts have called into question the merits of trial by jury
Many defendants are unsure of the "three strikes" status in other states. This article explains those differences.
What the US officials has done with prisoners is seems like that they feel joy in creating wounds and giving pains. Read it
India is promoting terrorism since 80s in Sri Lanka by supporting Tamil Tigers.
Iraqi boy claims British troops beat him in mock execution.
Former Dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussien devil cousin and minister Chemical Ali was sentenced to death for mass killing.