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Facing up to bankruptcy could be difficult but let us be pragmatic about it. When you are going to be filing bankruptcy, there are several different types from which you can choose. But you cannot definitely file for bankruptcy under Chapter 9, because this is municipal bankruptcy. This law applies to only public or political division of a state in US. Most countries have similar bankruptcy laws to protect the public assets from liquidation.
If tithing is for the New Testament believer why are so many Christians suffering financially? Why is God not blessing their finances? The answer is simple.
Are you finding it difficult to manage your debt? Your answer could be debt consolidation. How to find out whether you can consolidate your debt? You could simply use an online debt consolidation calculator to assess ways of consolidating your debt.
We all worry as to whether or not the $700 billion stimulus package is going to be our country's salvation. No one wants to be a skeptic as to how that money will truly be spent.
Your loan officer just called to tell you that your loan application has been rejected. According to your credit report, you died not long ago! This actually happened to a very much alive 30-year-old Detroit guy. His alleged deceased status kept him from getting a new car loan. Here is how to find and correct errors to stop this from happening to you.
Lending options, including senior debt and bridge financing is dead. If you don't focus on your revenues now, being in the pipeline of some banker when lending picks up won't help you. If you need cash, equity is the answer.
I guess there is no news for you that we are currently in a deep financial and economic crisis. However, in order to get out of it, we at first need to understand its mechanics. This understanding by itself will clearly imply the right direction.
A Debt Management Plan is a good tool to overcome the stress of high debts. These debt management counselors provide with a tailor made plan that fits well with your personal credit needs.
In good times everyone takes risks as money is easily available. One tends to accumulate unsecured debts from personal loans, store cards, credit cards, bank overdrafts and endless other instruments available to any individual.
If you find it extremely difficult to manage your money, then you are not alone. Managing money is something that is not really that easy at times, for so many people. You do not need to feel ashamed if this sounds familiar to you