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When a travel document is issued, it has twenty-four sheets that are blank. For the individual who does not travel outside of the US often, this number of sheets is enough.
As one of the most culturally rich places on the globe, Hungary has a bold reputation. Found in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary is one of the oldest of its European neighbors. Big, unique cities, a colorful culture, and a history that spans the ages combine to create the type of experience that can't be found anywhere else.
London is seriously unlike any other city I had ever been to before. Some of my fondest memories came from my week trip to London, and the trouble of having to add additional American passport pages, getting special electrical plugs and exchanging currency seemed so small once I arrived. London is unmatched in its unique quality, and getting to experience that first hand was life changing.
Extra passport pages can be a necessity for an individual that either travels extensively or has planned a trip that will take up more than the amount remaining in their current passport book.
You are eligible to apply for additional passport pages if you fall under two categories. First, you can request to add passport pages if your passport has less than two to four pages left. On the other hand, you can also apply for additional pages if you travel regularly and are in need of a new passport book. If you fall under either of these categories, then you’ll naturally want to know how to add passport pages to your current passport.