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Social support is a key factor in any weight loss plan. As a personal trainer, I try and discuss this with all my clients because it can be a significant obstacle to success.
Obesity is commonly defined as body mass index - 30 kg/m2 or higher. It is a condition caused by the natural energy reserve that is stored in the fatty tissues exceeding ‘healthy’ limits.
There are plenty of ways to lose weight and burn fat fast. I like to keep it simple so I find this strategy as a good start point.
This article tackles the problem of obesity in today's society
There are a lot of people in the world struggling with their weight.
Weight loss professionals will remind you that there is a healthy way to achieve weight loss, and keep that weight off. The most important part of any weight-loss plan, is dedication. If you expect your plan to result in weight loss, you must stick to it. Losing weight and getting in better shape will make you feel better, look younger, and improve your health.
In the western world, there's now an obesity epidemic of gargantuan proportions.
Important Things to Consider About a Low Fat Diet. Cooking oil is a staple in most foods. They are generally fatty and not good for our health. Consider alternatives for a healthier cooking.
Healthy natural weight loss can happen only by increasing your intake of pure water. When you drink water to lose weight, your metabolism naturally speeds up, you have increased energy, and you absorb nutrients more efficiently. The result is natural and healthy weight loss.