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The number one mistake that we made when applying for credit was giving our Social Security numbers to prospective lenders. Why? Because it hurt our FICO credit score. We were not really dumb, just young and uneducated about credit. Here's what we do now...
The financial meltdown of 2009 changed the credit picture, perhaps forever. Only a year ago, in 2008, a FICO credit score of 650 seemed like a golden ticket to land favorable financing rates to buy a car, purchase a house or secure a low-interest credit card. Not any more.
You might be wondering why you have a lower FICO credit score than you think you should have. Your lower FICO score could simply be caused by a credit bureau clerical error or due to an oversight you have made in handling your credit. At the same time, it could be identity theft affecting your FICO credit rating. How can you find out and fix it?
A long time ago I found out the hard way that my FICO Credit Score could be the seed of financial despair. It's the one credit number that lenders judge us by so I thought I would show you how that number is arrived at. This is not common knowledge so read on...