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Funeral insurance is also termed as pre-planned insurance plan or burial insurance, which is a part of life insurance. This type of insurance is particularly useful for one's life at their final expenses such as funeral ceremonies, flowers, caskets, etc., which is needed after their death. The customer may also choose the coffin which they want, and they can also tell the things that they needed at the time of their funeral service to the particular funeral insurance company.
This kind of life insurance is sometimes considered as a low benefit giving policy, and easily issuable policy. In this policy, the premiums can be a payable weekly, monthly basis or even payable in a single payment. The funeral service in some countries includes washing the body, covering it in a sheet and then burying in a slab in the cemetery.
Funeral insurance is a type of life insurance where an individual pays for his funeral service in advance in an insurance company and that company executes this funeral service with the help of some trust. The payment of insurance can be made either monthly or even full payment can be made.