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When a relationship is terminated some people long to resurrect the feeling their ex once held for them.
Most of us find it hard to leave behind them a severed relationship that they feel could have succeeded if only...
Just when you believed that you were recovering from the break up from your lost lover, the feeling of lose returns. Exactly why, you cannot tell. However, there is just one certainty. You want to get your ex back. But how?
Are you broke up with your boyfriend but now you find yourself missing him, the relationship and the good times you had together?
When I was trying to find some answers on how to get your ex back I can relate to how it feels. I will never forget all the twisted, hurtful memories. The worse was on holidays and special occasions. It never mattered how many people, family or friends were around to try and cheer you up you just feel so alone without the one person you love there to share it with on those special times.