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Designer Cufflink:s They Are Not Just for Men Anymore Cufflinks are a must in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Using dress shirts with buttons are just fine, but nothing says class more than a pair of platinum cufflinks in those neatly-pressed shirts.
A lot of people are secretly fascinated with skulls. Skulls are sometimes associated with power, dominion and death. You can often see rock stars and sportsmen accessories themselves with skulls. Others have skull necklaces and some have skull tattoos. The charm of life and death that skulls represent entice both men and women to copy the examples stretch out for them by their favorite rock stars and celebrities.
Cufflink cases can vary in styles and designs as much the cufflink designs that are coming out today are. From the classic and traditional to the more contemporary and even alternative designs, one would never lack in terms of choices when it comes to cufflink storage