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One of the world's most pleasurable eating experiences is the taste of fresh honey directly from honeycomb. Honey is good for the body. It has nutritional value and is better as a sweetener than refined sugar.
Friends are a joy to partake of and at the end of a good meal or good times with friends, you always want just a little bit more.
Honey is a sweet delight. I always keep a bottle handy at home. It is a wonderful way to quench thirst on a hot day with a refreshing drink by mixing cold water with honey. Like all things natural, honey is full of health and medicinal values.
The antibacterial and antifungal powers of active manuka honey products are proving so powerful that studies are being conducted to see if it is effective in the treatment skin ulcers that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics.
If you are looking for a good lamb recipe Goshen’s glazed lamb is a nice alternative to the average lamb dish. Goshen’s glazed lamb mixes the flavors of honey and lemon to make a classic stir-fry that will leave you and your friends breathless.
Goshen's honey chicken wings are fried they way chicken wings should be. This recipe calls 12 chicken wings. For Goshen's honey chicken wings marinating is the key for a juicy southern family treat.