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Ramlila Remarks: Kiran Bedi, Om Puri could face 15 days in jail - Gratefullness by the Indian MPs?
What would have happened if Indira Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister had not been gunned down in 1984? Read the article to find the answer.
Are we really currently witnessing a slow but sure forward movement by the World-Peace?
Each year the world observes Dec 1 as the World AIDS Day. The first tribute happened in Dec 1, 1998 thru the efforts of Dr. Jonathan Mann’s group and is now considered as the longest-running disease awareness and prevention initiative of its kind in the history of public health. It is dedicated solely to raising the awareness of the world to the AIDS pandemic which is caused by the HIV infection.
Can the newest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize walk in the same shoes with some of the greatest
Can state sponsored torture ever be justified, even where it saves innocent lives?
Do we need human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in statute law, or should they be taken as read in a civilized society?