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The financial meltdown of 2009 changed the credit picture, perhaps forever. Only a year ago, in 2008, a FICO credit score of 650 seemed like a golden ticket to land favorable financing rates to buy a car, purchase a house or secure a low-interest credit card. Not any more.
A long time ago I found out the hard way that my FICO Credit Score could be the seed of financial despair. It's the one credit number that lenders judge us by so I thought I would show you how that number is arrived at. This is not common knowledge so read on...
Today, millions are facing tough finances, the reality of tougher credit based on FICO credit scoring by the major credit rating bureaus. Well, there is hope if you find yourself with a less than perfect FICO credit score and credit rating. There are some smart steps you can use to turn your credit around.
You would think that finding out what your FICO credit score is would be easily found in your credit burea report. But, if you have examined your credit report, your FICO credit score is nowhere to be seen. Is the credit bureau hiding it? Well, in a way they are because they want you to pay them for it. There is an alternative.
The loan officer said: 'Sorry, we cannot grant the loan. Your FICO score is just too low.' FICO? What is a FICO credit rating score? How can I fix it? Repairing your FICO credit report is easier than you imagine, once you know what you need to fix.
When you are up against the wall credit-wise, the save your credit hucksters are ready to pick you clean of your last few bucks by promising to sell you miracles that will fix your FICO credit score or wipe out your debts. Read on to find out what you can do for yourself right now to get back on the path to good credit.