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True Story: How Pam Got a Job in an Instant without submitting resume. Here it is short and sweet. Most of you wouldn’t think that you could apply these same techniques to your job description but you are probably wrong and just need some creative adjustments in your thinking and awareness.
Sometimes in life our actions are completely counterintuitive! Take for example if you decide to go on a diet. The first thing most people do is think that they must eliminate something or cut back. In reality the challenge of a diet is that you must add more good foods vs. taking away bad foods. The good naturally replaces the bad.
Have you been laid off, or are you looking for a better job? No matter what the reason for your job search there are plenty of traditional—and not so traditional ways to find a new job. Read on for 101 of the hottest job tips in town
There is a saying: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. You will get your dream job faster and easier when you have prepared yourself well.