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The web has enabled several new ways to list a judgment for sale, recovery, or trade. There are three kinds of judgment listing web sites.
Some states and courts are hostile to pro pers (propria persona, Latin for people representing themselves in court) enforcing judgments they now own, but did not originally own.
Notaries must keep updating their training and pay fees for renewals to keep their notary registration status current in their state.
Work local, as much as you can, and work in the one or two courts local to you. You want everyone at the court, process server, sheriff, and the law library to know you, your name, and your reputation of representing yourself as having a good attitude, knowledge, constant improvement, respect for the court, the laws, and everyone.
More and more, people are using private post office box stores such as The UPS Store, because they usually have more features at a better price than the USPS post office offers.
What if you find a bank funds transfer, right after the debtor had taken your money, to a third party, such as the debtor's spouse, business partner, or their friend? How can you add this newly discovered crooked party to your judgment? Usually you do not, you must start a new lawsuit.
Make sure you get all parties served, and make sure the proof of service forms are returned to the court.
A UCC lien covers business property, but it also covers some kinds of personal property, and may also have some "long shot" advantages.
Interestingly, the California judicial council forms for memorandum of costs and writs, can lead to occasionally (and wrongly) showing negative amounts owed, when multiple writs are obtained after a levy has already been done.
A satisfaction of judgment is a (correctly filled out and usually notarized) court form which is filed and endorsed (stamped) by the court. Only a satisfaction of judgment can eliminate a judgment debt.