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Work local, as much as you can, and work in the one or two courts local to you. You want everyone at the court, process server, sheriff, and the law library to know you, your name, and your reputation of representing yourself as having a good attitude, knowledge, constant improvement, respect for the court, the laws, and everyone.
The key to quickly selling your judgment for cash is to quickly find out how much cash upfront your judgment is really worth.
Most judgments are never enforced and expire and become worthless. Yet most judgment owners, especially those with a newly won judgment, tend to believe their judgments are very valuable and can be sold for a high price.
An asset search can be used as a valuable pre-investment tool for an investor, partnership, joint venture or other business entity. Conducting an asset search is simple, affordable and can reveal information that would otherwise remain unknown.
Judgment flipping is the act of finding judgment sellers, persuading them to sell their judgments for low prices, and then finding buyers to buy them at higher prices.
Federal judgments can come from many different courts, at many different levels, and can be based on many different causes of action.
Should you hire a Private Investigator or a Skip Tracer? That is a question that you should consider whenever you wonder if you should hire a Private Investigator (PI).
Robbing a person lands you in state court. Robbing a bank lands you in federal court. Selling drugs in one town lands you in state court, driving drugs across state lines lands you in federal court. Hit and run usually lands you in state court, hit and run at a federal park lands you in federal court.
As you would expect, courts are security-minded and do not allow distractions. Pretend you are at an airport. No knives or scissors, no cameras, no food or drink, and prepare for delays.
If the amount the debtors owe is less than the money limit of the small claims court, use the small claims court.