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An overview of the process in the child custody mediation area in Illinois.
This article reviews an excellent book on the legal strategy for implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was one of the most prominent and important pieces of Civil Rights Legislation
This article summarizes the work of Tygiel and his work on Ronald Reagan
The narrative of Equiano provides a distinct examination of issues related to the African Diaspora from a primary source perspective
Article summarizes the proper law regarding the search of an automobile by Craig Cunninggham Attorney a law.
Many defendants are unsure of the "three strikes" status in other states. This article explains those differences.
This article explores the driver's rights who is charged with a DUI
There is much profit in studying the Old Testament and we ought to read and study it continually. Unfortunately, it is too often misused and abused.
There are two views of how God saves a man by grace. Being contradictory both cannot be right. Sometimes being wrong on a subject has little consequence. Other times it makes all the difference in the world, or should we say all the difference in eternity?
The way most people interpret the New Testament today it ends up contradicting itself. The problem is not in scripture but in the exegesis of it. Martin Luther was at least honest enough to admit he saw a problem. Our trouble is we generally are not that honest and of course if you do not see a problem you need not deal with it. (Maybe, just maybe, that is why we see no problem. Do you think?)