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An emerging political party is growing stronger and the desire for change has become a movement for justice. The international community must foster it and not hinder it. In Pakistan, a frontline state in the War on Terror, the implications are real and can determine the difference between victory and defeat. Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Insaf offers one hope, the hope of good governance.
Why have we chosen to elect leaders on the money we may receive rather than the love they give? Why have our standards declined? Perhaps, that's why we are disappointed in our leaders. They made us feel that Money is More Important than love.
I have observed this phenomenon a lot lately. And it’s getting tired. Ever since President Obama won the election in USA, a lot of misguided young politicians and persons have come out hoping to ride on this bandwagon and become...
Pakistan's Long March represents more than a movement, it represents hopes for a stronger judiciary and the quest to stop Pakistan from becoming a failed state. But Pakistanis must stand together to stop the terrorism and put emotions aside. The Long March may have started on March 12th, 2009, but it will not end until the Judicial Branch of Pakistan is respected.
A common sentence that we hear often is that leadership is given not taken, is it truth? Another common sentence is that you born a leader, that it is a natural gift. In some aspects it is. But, there are some attitudes that can be taken to change that perception.
A New Leader For The Free World. By this time next week, a new American president will have been elected under the watching eyes of the world.