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Small talk is an art.It builds rapport and often leads to bigger things, like friendship and new jobs. Those little conversations probably have more impact than any other. While some seem to be born with this gift, it can be developed by practicing. Here are the ten secrets of small talk
Parents of tweens and teens often complain how their kids tune them out. Teens say the same thing about how their parents "never listen." Could it be that when we multi-task and only pretend to listen to our kids we're actually teaching them that auto-pilot listening is the way we communicate it in this family?
The second part in my series of using children books to illustrate ideals we should be incorporating into our working life.
Sometimes difficult employees and situations can inspire us to be more creative, empathetic leaders.
Most parents start out each conversation with their children with "You...." For instance, how many times today have exchanges been; "you need to stop that behavior" "You never pick up your toys" "You need to do your homework, chores, turn off the TV, smile more, stop eating so much, etc. etc. It is no wonder that the children stop listening to us. Every time we open our mouth it is to accuse them of something or give instructions or criticism.