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Pirates have long ploughed the waters of the mid-Atlantic. The small Madeiran village of Porto Moniz often suffered at the hands of these cut throats. Read how did Porto Moniz fought back?
When Madeira, the mid-Atlantic paradise, was subjected to the unremitting vengeance of nature at it's cruelest, the consequences were profound.
The forces of nature can be unremittingly devastating. The results life-changing. How did one mid-Atlantic island react when faced with its challenge?
Ribeiro Frio is a delightful village in Madeira that is often overlooked by the tourist. However, the large companies offering guided tours seldom make the same mistake. So, if you want to sample a taste of this lovely destination, tip your toes in the water here.
The Ponta do Garajau in Madeira is a much visited tourist spot. However, for the British inhabitants who resided on the island some 250 years ago, the area was known as the Brazen Head and it was a destination few wished to visit.
Madeira is a choice port of call for the many luxury cruise liners that steam the Atlantic. It is also a choice destination for young, honeymooning couples. However, for many people, it is a holiday destination that often goes overlooked. Unfortunately, Madeira is often considered to be an insignificant island with not much to attract the pleasure visitor. Nothing could be more untrue.