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Do you have a little child at home? You want to see it every time to be sure your kid is fine? But you don't want to sit all the night next to the little bed? Or is your child's room on another floor and you have to go up and down to see what is going on? A Wireless Baby Monitor is exactly what you need!
Are you tired of sitting right in front of your Monitor? Are you tired of your Computer Tower staying right next to you because he is so loud? Are you tired of all the cables behind your table? Do you want to enjoy using your Computer again? Do you want to chill while surfing through the net? Then get a Wireless Monitor Adapter!
The Promiscuous mode is a specific receive mode for network-technology devices such as wireless network cards. It is normally used for packet sniffing and bridged network for hardware virtualization. The frames include the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the hardware.
Monitor mode refers to a particular operating mode of a wireless adapter, in which all received network frames are forwarded to the operating system and applications. It is one of the six configurations of 802.11 wireless cards. The six modes are as followed:
Nowadays many computers support high-resolution video systems. You can adjust the number of colors and resolution for your display by clicking the settings tab on the display properties dialog box.
The monitor,screen or display of a computer is the primary user interface. Monitor problems are some of the most common computer problems since the voltages inside a monitor can be as high as 10 KV. Many of the problems can be fixed yourself by simply changing the settings but in a few cases you may have to either replace or repair the monitor.