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Businessmen and other working professionals take pride in the fact that they can work while on the on-the-go. Mobility is one of their biggest needs and at the same time, their biggest advantage. You could be traveling to work in your car or flying outstation for a meeting, and still work on your laptop in the meanwhile. In terms of convenience and good features all packed into one piece of technology, there’s probably nothing that can beat a laptop today.
Advantages of renting tablet PCs, notebooks, laptops, or desktops, score high above that of buying. Consider this example: you go to the store and buy the latest edition of a notebook with the latest configuration for an ‘x’ amount. Exactly a week later, the same company launches a better edition. Now, imagine if instead of buying the Notebook, you had rented it. A week later, you can still go back to the rental company and rent the new edition, for a lot less than purchasing the newer edition.