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In the personal training business, the main focus tends to be on getting new clients through the door. This is important as we all need to grow our business and we need new clients to do this.
Target Groups- No fitness advertising campaign will ever be successful without a proper marketing plan or structure. It is imperative to identify who the users of your product or service will be and advertise in the format most accessible and alluring to the target audience. If the products or services are for a specific group only, you will be extremely limited. The broader the potential client base the greater you chances of success.
The three main points when developing a fitness club marketing scheme is to identify your clientele, identify your competitors and identify complimentary businesses and services. You want to really understand your target market and why they want to come to your fitness club. Once you have a target market you need to see how other competitors in the area work and attract the target market. Many times those services in the same business center are looking to attract the same type of clientele.
The question any newly-certified trainer always asks is "How do I market myself as a personal trainer?" This isn't an unusual question by any stretch, though, and natural anxiety is a healthy component when first starting out. But rest easy that marketing yourself in this business is similar to marketing any other commodity. Only, in this case, the commodity will be YOU.