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Are you one of those persons who dedicate some of their precious time to a living being that does not talk to you but shows its enormous love?
There are different methods of grooming dogs depending on the type of coats they have. A medium coated dog has distinct grooming requirements which do not apply to dogs which have long or short hair. If the same method of grooming was applied to all dogs, some of them would look very peculiar. A regularly groomed dog feels better and looks great especially if his owner has used the correct method of grooming for his breed.
Head halters are becoming more popular as a method of restraining big dogs rather than using a choke chain. The head halter was developed in much the same way as the horse bridle and is put to similar use. The dog head halter fits around the dog's head and you are then able to lead your dog in the direction you want to go.
Just like humans, dogs too convey their feelings, thoughts through the gestures and movement of their bodies besides the barking. The best way to judge a dog' social standing and mental health is through its tail. Just as humans way of expressing an emotion can vary, so can the dogs' tail position; for example, a relaxed tail position of various breeds differs; the greyhound positions its tail lower than the feathery tail of golden retriever which is still lower than the white West Highland terrier.
Dog is the most loyal animal, the human race could have got. The dog is always available with you in your side when you are happy, when you sad, or for that matter not feeling like talking to it also. The dog loves its master unconditionally. In case you are out of your dog's sight even for a little amount of time, they will show you how much they missed you when you come back. As a responsible dog owner, it's our responsibility to take good care of the dog and keep it happy.
As humans get older they can become less patient, more irritable, less secure or downright cantankerous - so can dogs! As your dog ages, you will almost certainly notice changes in his behavior and reactions. Fear or pain may cause him to be aggressive at times when you would not expect him to be; most dog owners become confused as to what has changed their loving, loyal and gentle pet into an animal that they do not recognize.
There are approximately 400 breeds of dogs around the world. The American Kennel Club recognizes only 146 of them. The dogs which are recognized by the American kennel club can be listed as follows: